She did What!?! ~ with Bela

Single Woman Travels! (SWT) is a place to inspire and motivate women (and men) around the world to travel. She did What?! is a monthly series of Q&A – asking women around the world to share their past travel experience. From this, I hope a few more women who are on the brink of expanding their world will be inspired and motivated to turn their dreams into reality.

Bio…   Bela, I’m in Johannesburg South Africa and I’m a Compliance Officer but I’d rather run an institution for Holistic healing

SWT:     Where was the destination of your first solo trip?

B:          India

SWT:     How old were you?

B:          37

SWT:     Were you single or attached at the time?

B:          I had just asked for a divorce and had a lover ( jaw drop)

SWT:     What inspired the idea?

B:          The need to spiritually understand my connection to all that is Indian

SWT:     What was your trip style? (backpack, tour group, comfort, meetup with family/friends)

B:          Not much of a Back packer but I have no real preference

SWT:     What type of accommodations? (family owned, B&B, tents, if a hotel, how many stars)

B:          4 star hotels in Delhi, 3 star in Rishikesh (Ganges), 7 star in Goa (The Marriott). Although, it does not matter if it’s rough it’s an adventurous experience, the point is to see a different place and if you can’t afford luxury then do it anyway.

SWT:     How long was your trip?

B:          Two weeks

SWT:     Who looked after the logistics?

B:          Go India Tours – I was on my own with a driver and a tour guide would meet me at every location.

SWT:     If you planned and/or booked the itinerary, did you enjoy the process?

B:          Yes

SWT:     If you worked with a travel agent, how was the experience?

B:          They were great at helping out with the itinerary tweaking here and there to accommodate my needs and affordability.

SWT:     Would you / have you booked subsequent trips yourself?

B:          I now travel with friends so it’s a joint effort.

SWT:     What would you do different – in hindsight?

B:          Nothing.

SWT:     Did you feel comfortable traveling solo?

B:          Very much so yes, it gives you confidence.

SWT:    How much research did you do in advance?

B:          Not much just the average internet searches.

SWT:    What was the biggest surprise on the trip?

B:          My Ganges blessing experience, done on the male side which was unconventional but my driver escorted me.

SWT:     What did you learn about yourself during the trip that you weren’t totally aware of beforehand?

B:          I can do anything I put my heart and soul into.

SWT:    Was there any close calls or run-ins?

B:          A bomb in Delhi just after I left.

SWT:     Where is your next dream destination?

B:          Tuscany – Italy

Next time, we’ll hear from Serena who chose to travel on her own…

If you’d like to share your story, contact me! 🙂

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